Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's Next!

Well, I knew it would happen, and it did. I turned 60 last summer, and, didn't take any of my good advice. I succumbed to the "Oh, my God, I'm old!" syndrome.

I have to say that I was able to make it through the last few months by keeping very busy, and, trying not to notice my creaking knees and stiff back.

We do all, however, have to face the fact that if we are not already on SS, it won't be long. Unfortunately for boomers, the "powers that be" did not take into consideration how many of us there were when they initiated the program. All those census records that we have filled out through the years, apparently didn't give them a clue as to the millions of us that were out here, chugging toward our golden years. Surprise!

Well, it looks like the surprise may be on us in the future, since new statistics indicate that SS will be permanently in the red come 2016.

So, here's the upbeat news of the day. If we make it past the year of the end of the world, in 2012, and, we don't die from waiting for medical treatment in the years that follow, and, a miracle happens that replenishes our SS fund in 2016, we may just make it.

Rock on!


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  2. Congrats on being 60! You should be proud! I turned 60 this year and also recieved my Golden Buckeye card. Being 60 deserves respect, after all we earned it! Enjoy your days!