Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Might be the Last

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This is Flag Day. One of those days that most of our parents never forgot. Mom always had the flag out bright and early. It wasn't a law or a hardship. It was something that you did because you honored your country, believed in it, and especially felt grateful to all those who had suffered and died in all the wars to keep the rest of us safe.

We just might be the last generation to remember patriotic holidays. We might just be the last generation to remember patriotic parades, old and young veterans, who dragged out their uniforms and marched proudly behind the flag down Main Street.

We might be the last generation to remember how every man removed his hat when the flag went by, and everyone else put their hand over their heart. How everyone tried to sing along to the National Anthem, and got all teary- eyed when the old vets saluted as they passed their flag.

We might be the last generation to remember that saying a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag started out our day in school. We thanked our Creator and our country that we were Americans, and we didn't think there was a darned thing wrong with that!

We might be the last generation to attend Memorial Day ceremonies and cry when taps are played.

We've grown a little since those rebellious days of the 60's, (hopefully). We know that change is sometimes good and necessary, but we also remember our roots, and our past. We remember that a lot of good people died to make our country what it is today- a place that a lot of other nations emulate and a lot of people want to call their own.

So, maybe, we could pass on a little patriotism to the next generation. It's just a red, white, and blue piece of material, but there's so much history and faith and goodness behind it that kids today are missing. It's not a bad thing to love your country, honor your vets, and respect your flag. These things should never go out of style

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.-Abraham Lincoln


  1. Man,am I that old, I can remember all of this. Luckly for our family, my granddaughters have the great examples in their uncles (my sons) when patriotism is shown


  2. Thanks for commenting. And hurray for your family in setting good examples for the next generation!