Friday, June 12, 2009

You Might be a Boomer if.............

Your idea of a day out is three doctor's appointments
Your doctor looks like he just graduated from junior high
Your breakfast consists of more pills than cereal
Your knees go down, but not up
People in their 60's no longer seem like "old timers"
You find it hard to believe that a co-worker was actually born in the 80's
Teenagers ask you about the old days- (the 60's)
You don't recognize the rock stars you once idolized on TV because they are "SO OLD!"
You don't recognize the names of current rock stars or groups or movie stars
You remember life before cell phones and internet (and TV)
You know who the Cisco Kid and Sky King are
Items are showing up in antique stores that you still use around the house
Clerks ask you if you get the senior discount
Clerks call you dear or sweetie or other nauseating names reserved for the very old
You begin to seriously think about retirement
You begin to wonder if retirement is actually possible
You consider looking into becoming a greeter at a department store

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